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The history of Stoke Mandeville has been well documented, especially since the success of the Paralympic Games in London in 2012. In summary, the second world war created a large number of casualties who were sent to Stoke Mandeville to be treated by a very special man, Dr Lutwig Guttmann. Whilst helped them recover he gave them both the confidence and ambition to compete in various sports. Stoke Mandeville became the birthplace of the modern day Paralympic Games and it continues to hold a very special place in the nation's heart.

Our vision is to continue what Sir Ludwig Guttmann started by supporting education, training and research anywhere in the world to help reduce clinical complications in those suffering spinal cord injury and fund clinical forums to evolve that learning.

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Project Mauritius

The Charity has actively supported the brilliant work of the NEURAM Foundation working in Mauritius by sponsoring their Spinal Cord Injury workshops and conferences since 2017

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Our just giving page is live! Please visit the page here:  http://www.justgiving.com/smnsc.